Hello everyone,

We are in need of a very experienced PHP programmer who can take on trouble shooting with an online store that uses a on-the-fly inventory system for adding and taking out product from one of our client sites using ECI via Retail Pro software...we have the site completed but are having bugs with categories, product displaying, and many other small things that are in need of fixing as our programmer left the company recently and has not been available to do so when we've needed him.

We already have been paid in full for the project and are now scrambling to get these things fixed so we can move forward with the client. We are not in a position to pay outrageous rates for these fixes and are completely understanding if your not interested.

This would be on a project by project basis and you would be used for all existing and future projects if you prove to be successful in doing what we ask of you.

Please contact us via email at info@macwebinternet.com if you are interested in working with our company as a sub-contractor when needed.

For info on the site needing work, please contact us.

Joey Anderson
Mac Web Internet Services