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Thread: Need some advice on importing video for web?

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    Need some advice on importing video for web?


    So I created a DVD for a 3 minute photoshoot, but I also want to take the video portion of the DVD and put it into Flash so I can place it on my portfolio website for other people to see a sample of this work.

    I imported the video into Flash and it is like a 12MB file... to me that seems kind of big to place on a website... even with broadband...

    Can someone give me some advice or point me in the right direction on how I can put video into Flash that would be suitable for a website...

    thanks in advance for the help... its been a while since Ive been in Flash!

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    this is the forum for Flash Video, and yet not one person can direct me on how to put video in Flash for a website?


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    Thanks for all the help. lol

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    Flash itself isn't the best Flash video encoder, as odd as that sounds. You'll get better results with a third-party encoder like Flix Pro or Sorenson Squeeze. 2-pass encoding makes quite a difference.

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    some video to flash converter can help i guess

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