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Thread: Interesting example of 3DFA possibilities

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    Interesting example of 3DFA possibilities

    Hello all!

    I would like to present to you my latest work. It's completely created in 3DFA 4.5, and it uses a huge number of PHP/mySQL/FlashScript calls to interact with the user. I think the result is pretty much impressing.

    Check it out. Maybe someone will find it inspiring in some way


    PS. Thanks to Bret Lanius for help with some issues!
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    Cool, I like it a lot, you should mail the address to Rob (owner of 3dfa) so he can out it on the examples page.

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    Nicely done!

    I like the graphics and the layout. The only problems I see is that it's a little heavy for some older machines and may run a bit slow as well as take some time to download for dialup users.

    Overall though, a very nice job.

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    Really impressive graphics. Nice work

    Runs a little slow on my 933 MHz laptop, and there's a little bit too much movement for my tired eyes, but other than that, fantastic effect.

    Good to see new work being generated with 3DFA. The product may be dying, but the spirit is alive
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