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Thread: New ActiveX Fix by Macromedia, Install MXP

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    New ActiveX Fix by Macromedia, Install MXP

    Links to download the files here.

    Install the extension. Works with Flash 8. Follow the links on that page, cause you need to also download the javascript files.

    I've tried it and it works fine. You can publish a page from the HTML tab in Publish Settings with just the fix or the fix and a detect script if they don't have flash player installed.


    Here's the latest update for Dreamweaver 8. This one works real good. It writes the code on the page and creates a folder with the scripts in it. Don't forget to upload the Scripts folder.

    To install it, you should disable any mxp's you may already have, then run the updater, then enable the mxp's again. Tedious, but it works and it's free.

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