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Thread: mx04- roll over/out buttons- want to hide them!

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    RESOLVED:mx04- roll over/out buttons- want to hide them!

    Hey Actionscripers!

    Ok heres the .fla for you, you just need to test the scene to produce the swf. I have attached some scripting i've found somewhere (i have no idea about actionscript-so be gentle!) anyway this script allows me to make roll on/out mc buttons which look nice and once you have rolled over each one they then stay hidden -GREAT! but for navigations sake i have had to change the 'prev' buttons script slightly pointing it to different labels

    The problem i have is because it is loading up for the first time it always shows on screen...i'd like to be able to make it stay hidden until the user rolls over it-not when that frame loads up. The user will get used to where the buttons are so i don't want it to show everytime a frame loads...just when the rollover it!

    Anybody out there able to help me our here with your magic code?!
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    ok here's how i fixed it.
    1. on frame KC1: click in your next button on the stage and click properties- name it to: nextmc
    2. add this line to your actions on KC1
    nextmc.rewind = true;

    3. on frame KC2: click on your Previous button on the stage and click properties - name it: prevmc
    4. add this line to yoru actions on KC2.
    prevmc.rewind = true;

    basically jsut sets the default status. hope that helps

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    Resolved! :)

    Thank you very much..thats done the trick perfectly...what would the world be like without actionscripting gods?!

    Thanks again.

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