After a few years of trying to learn Flash there is one aspect that really still remains a grey area to. What size to publish a movie.

Do I look to make my movies a set size on publishing – by using “Match Movie” & if so what should that set size be – 800 x 600?

I know of 3 other ways to get round the browser size issue

1.) Use the “Stage Object” in conjunction with onResize to allow some clips to fill a screen while keeping others to a set size.
2.) Ascertain a users browsers size & direct them to an appropriate version of your site.
3.) Scale your movie according to an ascertained browser size so if the movie was designed @ 1020 x 760 & the user has an 800 x 600 you scale the main movie accordingly using x & y scale.

The problem has been somewhat complicated for me by the introduction of Geoff Stearns brilliant “FlashObject” detection kit. With that you have to specify the size of the element that the Flash movie will load into & also set a fixed size for the Flash movie. From what I can see this will cut out the option of publishing a movie @ 100% & resizing or not resizing using the stage object.

Could someone please advise me of what is best practice as far as sizing is concerned.