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Thread: Loading Images

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    Loading Images

    I have the following code in my swf but when I publish it in html it doesn't display the images. So how can I get the swf file to display the images that are in this particular folder when it is published to html?

    var imgList:Array = new Array();
    imgList[0] = "/images/coral.jpg";
    imgList[1] = "/images/horizon.jpg";
    imgList[2] = "/images/resort.jpg";
    imgList[3] = "/images/sunset.jpg";
    function chooseTheString() {
    	randomPic = random(imgList.length-1);
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    I'm not positive on this as I can't see your folder structure but the problem may be in that you have the slash at the beginning of your path. If the images directory is relative to the position of the swf then you will want to remove it. Using:
    goes to your root directory and then looks for an images folder there where using:
    looks for an images folder in the same directory as your swf.
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