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Thread: [F8] Impletementing a graphical grid system

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    [F8] Impletementing a graphical grid system

    Hello all,

    I've been working on a level editor for my game and I've run into a bit of a problem. My game is tile based so I am using a grid to do what I want. What I want to do is make a graphics (the tile images) based grid system that is also scrollable so that tiles outside the scroll area will not be visible until scrolled to.

    So far I've tried using a scrollpane component, but the tiles outside the pane were still visible and there was no scrolling available.

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.


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    Couldn't you just overlay a "window" so you only see what you want? extras on the side are only a problem if you are worried about it loading too slowly. I'd say just add a shape on a higher layer thats just opaque, but has a rectangle space for what you want to see.

    Then again, if stuff gets outside the rectangle space your screwed, but then just make the shape 2x the document height and width (flash wont let you see more than that... yes, if you scroll it right you can see "off" of the documents. those of you that put buttons outside of the document window, i still see them >_> maybe its just my screwed up modded firefox again though)

    lawl I'm a noob but this is my suggestion.
    maximum width 300 no more maximum hieght 40 no more not interchangable

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