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Thread: Chaning the color of an object with the click of a button

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    Chaning the color of an object with the click of a button

    Hi guys, im back -havent done any web projects in a while... just got the new flash 8 pro so i decided to redo my portfolio and website... one thing i wanted to do was to have several Mcs change color with the click of the button.... so far im at a loss im not sure where to begin -can one of u gurus point me in the right direction? -please please please?

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    Maybe is you post in the right forum they would.

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    Moved from the Flashkit moderator profile only area - The Mod Squad - to the more appropriate Flash General Help forum.

    In the future, please pay attention to where you post your question, read the forum description first and see if it's a good fit for your question... otherwise it will invariably be ignored, your question never answered and you'll probably get upset.

    When in doubt, read the forum descriptions here...

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