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Thread: Famous Sushi Restaurant

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    Famous Sushi Restaurant

    Hello Everyone,

    It's been some time since I've posted in here. I'd be curious about your thoughts on this new project we've just finished. Yes, it has the dreaded intro but we call it a commercial. We have it in such a way that it can be converted into a TV ad. Anyway, check it the site if you would. We plan to launch it next week and I'd like some feedback from other flash types to see if it matches up.


    Thanks for your time.


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    An example of excellent design, but way too big.
    I waited for it to download, but it took ages. The sound loop either has a problem, or its getting stuffed up waiting for it to download.
    I clicked on the gallery and it took ages to download, also I found the fact that you had to use the keyboard to scroll between images a bit odd.
    Overall - great design, but needs some size stripped out for those of us on 512 type connections.
    Your intro animation was quite good.

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    Well, it's good but i wouldn't say excelent. I'm not realy into it's layout, altought it has some nice elements and nice graphics ( and a nice preloader ), but it's not near excelent ( atleast not in my vision and not for my taste - personal opinion you know ). Have to agree about the size, it could realy be smaller and you could fix some of the bugs that Animators talked about. I like most of the animations but the layour could use work, that wood material that you've used is so irealistic, it's bad and makes the site a bit "ugly" ( maybe try to cahnge that, it's up to u )...

    Note: 8/10


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    Thanks for your time

    It really is great to hear from other flashers out there. I actually thought I might get some more feedback here. It would be awesome to get a myriad of comments about this so I can see where we are at with the project.

    I'm obviously very fond of this piece due to extreme bias. When dealing with rich media the balance between functionality and the elements necessary to create an emotion is many times difficult to navigate. We engage in customized scoring of our animations because the music sets a tone that visuals cannot. I'd like to see more of this practice when it comes to flash personally. If it were the case, perhaps "intros" would not be such a dirty word online.

    In any case, the feedback from you two is very much appreciated. I'd like to find a way to smooth out the main body of the site. The files are quite large and we've tried to stagger the loading of the modules. With my connection speed I can't see the problem you see (I would rather chew on tinfoil than have a slow Internet connection and can't wait for the world to catch up). Any advice on how to accomplish this task without sacrificing the quality of the music and the animations?

    Thanks again.


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