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Thread: [F5] Crisp Image Pasting Help

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    [F5] Crisp Image Pasting Help

    Hi! I'm rather new at Flash. I was wondering how I can import an image into Flash and keep it the exact way it looks without compressing it at all. Is there a specific image type I should use? I've tried BMP and PNG. The image is pixel art, so you can tell if it is compressed and it looks bad. I've tried fiddling around with all the controls, but nothing works. Is there something I'm missing, or is it impossible to paste an image and have it appear perfectly?

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    Hi, I've used images in flash largely without any problems.
    The image must be the size it will be finally shown, so you don't have to scale it inside macromedia flash.
    I recommend using jpg but it all depends on what kind of image you have, let's say you have a photo, then jpg is best for image quality and weight.
    If it is pixel art, a png or gif would do fine, or you can even consider using some vectorial software and import (copy paste) straight into flash.
    Flash keeps a library of the elements you're using. In this case it would show you an image. double click it to check size preferences, and make sure you have good quality, else, change it to what you think it is right for you (you will see a preview of it while modifying it)
    At the properties bar also you can see a settings button: click it and at FLASH tab you'll se JPG quality bar. Put it at the best quality or try different things until you find the best weight/look combination.
    Always remember, try no to use scaled images, cause flash is not the best at it.
    Hope it helps!

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    For certain images I find import as .png then right click the image in the libary panel and select properties (as Indira describes above) then select "lossless .png" or similar depending on your flash version. Again as Indira describes above, and as you may already know, resizing raster graphics is a big no-no whatever the program.

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