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    just launched www.flashculture.com. But as a flash only site I've been looking into ways to get it indexed better with google. I've been reading about the robots.txt file. So I have a few Q's about that. First it says it only goes in the root server directory? the thing is, my site is actually in a sub folder (im using web forwarding on the doman), so is that a problem? 2nd, would it be possible to have html pages (that cannot be viewed from outside cos no one will know they exist) that contain the same content as the flash pages, and then use the robots.txt file to allow the bots to access them?

    thanks for any help

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    Hi, I have never used robot txt files, you dont really need to all you need to do is have html text links to the pages of the site, and the spiders will follow those. but just put it in the folder where the index page lives.

    I would nt have the site built in flash, as it far better to get a spider to follow html pages, Looked at your site, looks good but could have been built using html and would still look the same. Most search engines look at words for the content, images are not as important. If the spider cannot read the words on your site it wont know what its about, and it will end up on page 200 on google, not number 1.

    As for the html pages that dont show, thats ghosting and you can get banned for doing that, so its your choice.

    html is the way, you can place all the swf files in a html page, also I would not use tables as these also confuse spiders, if they do reference the table the link will be to only that table, unless you code it otherwise. If the viewer opens the table and theres no navigation they cant look at anything else on your site.

    You can export from flash and generate an html page that will have all the words used in the swf file, this puts them into the html page so spiders can read what its about. I suppose thats an option.

    hope that helps

    ps you get a security warning from flash on your site, see attatched screenshot.
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    i would suggest xhtml 1 validated code. Spiders love that.
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