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Thread: "&" symbol in dynamic text

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    "&" symbol in dynamic text

    Hi to all

    I have an text with html tags that loads from a MYSQL db by PHP to a dynamic field in flash. Everything is fine (i've used actionscript for special characters), excecpt for one thing: the "&" does not appear ant it cuts everything from that point on. can anyone help me?

    thank you in advance

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    is the text field set for html text?

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    you need to use the unicode equivalent of the ampersand character (&) which is %26.

    In flash, the ampersand (&) tells flash that it has reached the end of the text it is supposed to read.... and yes... even with an html enabled textfield. The only way i have ever gotten around it, is using XML or using HTML text and CSS... it has to do with how you have to set up variables when importing text. For example, if you are using LoadVars() to load external text, you start the text file off with &myVar= and then you end it with && to tell flash it has reached the end... Using CSS is different, because your .txt file starts and ends with <body></body> so the ampersands aren't interpreted as the end of the info Flash should read....
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    thank you madzigian!

    it worked! that was rally getting on my nerves.
    thank you

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