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Thread: The apparent 70% rule

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    Allan Jardine
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    The apparent 70% rule

    Hi all,

    I'm currently applying for web-dev type jobs, and something odd has struck me. While around 70% of the world's web-servers are Apache based, around 70% of the web-dev jobs around this area are Microsoft .NET type jobs. Can anyone explain this?

    And annoyingly I know every little about .NET


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    i believe its because in the BIG corp world those percentages are not correct. I suspect that microsoft has a larger slicer of the pie in that market.

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    .net is often used by large companies who can afford the support packages to minimise downtime compared to relying on free community based support offered by its competitive alternates.

    unix based servers have become popular mainly due to it being free so hosting companies have had to rely on it to compete in such a large market.

    most good jobs will be for companies or organisations who have budgets to support there servers, so .net often win's when choices are made as the ones making the decisions are often the ones with no knowledge of what there buying so opt for a technology that has support to be on the safe side. That and the fact that there in a ficious cycle of there competitors use it so they should...
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