I have successfully done a tutorial at Kirupa about preloaders and transitions.

My problem is that I have a swf file that loads external jpegs and I cannot get the tutorial to work correctly with this swf. It only preloads the the swf and not the external content that this swf is calling.

Here is the code that I have on the main timeline of the home.swf

PHP Code:
var imgList:Array = new Array(); 
imgList[0] = "images/image00.jpg"
imgList[1] = "images/image01.jpg"
imgList[2] = "images/image02.jpg"
imgList[3] = "images/image03.jpg"
imgList[4] = "images/image04.jpg"
chooseTheString() { 
randomPic random(imgList.length-0); 

_quality "best"
The rest of my swf files preload correctly but I just can't get it to preload this one correctly at all. I would appreciate any help that you can give.