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Thread: Need to Contract Some Simple Death Related Games

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    Need to Contract Some Simple Death Related Games

    I need to subcontract someone to create three simple games where the grim-reaper is chasing old people (ie Baby Boomers). I will supply the graphics, but I need to pay someone to create the games.

    Ideas I have:
    1. The player is an old person and grimreapers chase them around. As time progresses more and more grim-reapers chase them. Optionally, the old person can defend themselves with a cane and the grim reapers turn into tomb stones when hit. Of course when the boomer dies some dark funeral music plays ... heh heh.

    The game would have my web site's link embedded in the game and I would own it. My web site is Boomer Death Clock . The flash game is a jab at baby boomers; no I am not a nut case, I just have a morbid sense of humour and want to poke fun at my older friends and co-workers.

    On another web site theme; I also need someone to create a simple driving game (side view) where an RV drives and jumps over objects.

    I'm not looking for complex stuff here and can pay between $50 and $250 for games. I welcome anyone to suggest some games related to my baby boomer death theme.

    James Love

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    Ufff thats my topic, I love those games

    Let me show you why

    Here is my page


    And there you can see games like these


    About the ideas I like the ide aof beiing the grim reaper chasing people and toching them to die

    I have more ideas, I make the games that my clients ask but for me all my games sould have skeletons, basketball games, baseball games, football games, Duble dragon style games etc

    Also I have a project of a virtual grand pa, so you have to take care of the old man trying to keep him alive or the dead will come

    PM or send me an email to talk about this, if you supply graphics I can mantain my prices low


    "I love to make them as I love to play them"

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