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Thread: Flash Freelance Forum Rules

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    Flash Freelance Forum Rules

    Flash Freelance Forum Rules (Updated 03/01/08 by Planet)

    First and foremost, the use of this forum assumes that you have read and agree to our AUP as well as the rules laid out in the Main Flash Kit FAQ. Furthermore, Flash Kit, it's parent company or any of it's subsidiaries make no claims to vouch for the validity of any content posted in this forum and holds no responsibility for the outcome of any arrangements made by the participating parties.

    This forum was created in an effort to fulfill the needs of the Flash community in regards to freelance work and other Flash-related offerings of interest to the members of Flash Kit. These services include such things as but are not limited to freelance work, contract work, small projects and short-term positions. All offerings should be temporary and Flash-related in nature.

    Any job that could be considered a full-time employment opportunity or any other career-oriented offerings can be referred to www.justtechjobs.com and are not allowed in this forum.
    In an effort to keep the content of this forum relevant, requests that have been fulfilled may be removed. (hidden from public veiw)

    Flash Kit defines the term ‘freelancer’ as follows:A person who sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them.

    We welcome the following topics of discussion:

    • Need a Flash Freelancer (defined below)
    • Available for Flash Freelance work and here is my resume (see sample below)

    Our Freelance Forum Rules are as follows and will be updated as required:

    • All posted offerings must be Flash-related projects.
    • All requests must be for PAID WORK ONLY!
    • All requests must be for Part-Time or Contract related work ONLY! No Full-Time positions are to be posted in this forum. If you have a Full-Time position that you need filled or are looking for Full-Time employment, then please visit our special Flash Kit section of JusttechJobs
    • No solicitation and nothing off-topic.
    • No contests.
    • No Sponsorship programs.
    • No Spam! (http://board.flashkit.com/board/showthread.php?t=540268 ]Check here to see what types of content Flash Kit considers to be spam.[/url])
    • Always keep it professional.
    • Keep all discussion of pricing beyond the initial posted budget to email or PM.

    Best Practices

    Post an email address which should be split up in some manner to avoid bots harvesting your address. Consider using a format similar to the following: youraddress [AT] yoursite.com

    Consider posting a price range or the approximate project budget.

    When looking for a Flash Freelancer, remember to make the project request as detailed as possible so an accurate assessment of your needs and the resources required to fulfill them can be made.

    Make sure you have Private Messaging enabled so that you may be contacted to discuss details outside the public forum. This can be toggled on/off by entering the User CP and hitting the ‘Edit Options’ link.

    Please remember to mark your thread as [RESOLVED] once your project is complete. This can be done using the "Thread Tools" that can be found near the top of the page. Just click on " Mark Thread Resolved".

    Unrelated discussions should be conducted via PM (Private Message) or email.

    Sample Project Request Post:

    Subject: Looking for a Blog done in Flash.
    Request: Looking for a blog with all the usual bits and pieces.
    More emphasis on design rather than functionality - although a half-wit must be able to use it.
    Website design feel: Linkin Park, Korn, Dark, Industrial, Rock, Metal.
    Additions: Image gallery, and music playlist/playback
    Time Frame: ASAP or 8 weeks
    Price range: Open / Contact me for details
    Contact Info: w e b m a s t e r [AT] FlashKit. com
    Additional Notes: Please send email including links to previous work and a quote for requested project.

    Sample Resume Post:

    Make sure to list the following:

    Examples of past work: (links)
    Contact Information: (see important note below)

    Also consider listing:


    IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that this is a public forum and Flash Kit will not be held responsible for the misuse of any personal information that you choose to share. Be careful when considering which information to include in your post.


    From the Freelance Forum Moderators and the entire Flash Kit team, we thank you
    for participating in good faith and we wish you success with your search.
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