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Thread: ComboBox Weirdness

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    ComboBox Weirdness

    I'm trying to drop a combobox onto an area of my project but when I do, the "selection box" is off to the left of the actual combobox and when I preview my movie, it only appears as a rectangle, no combobox is seen.

    To better explain I did a flash screen capture. It is viewable here:


    I'm assuming it is because of the object (movie clip) I'm dropping it on, but I don't know why or how to fix it. Dropping it onto a new layer of my main scene works properly (as far as what it looks like when placed into position), but it also just displays as a rectangle.


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    thats odd, i dont know what to say, perhapse coding your own will fix youre problems, its not terrably difficult, but if you knew what you where doing you wouldnt be learning anything

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    post the .fla (if its not to big)...with soe detailed instructions on WHERE to place the CB.

    looks like a duplicate fo some sort..

    .zip it..and make sure everything needed is included..

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