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Thread: The Green Screen Effect - How To Accomplish It?

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    The Green Screen Effect - How To Accomplish It?

    I know the basic principles of how a green screen works. You film something with a green screen behind it, and then on the computer delete the green part and put the background you want on the layer behind it. What I need to know is how to accomplish this with flash. I can make the background, and make the foreground with the green screen behind it, but how do I delete the green part from the video? That's the question. Can anyone help me with this? Many great thanks to anyone that can help.

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    Sorry.. i take you are talking in reference to FLV in flash?
    If this is the case then this is a great tut off devnet for chroma-keying in flash..
    Just remember to pay particular attention to lighting though.. You obviously want to ensure that your BG is one flat colour..

    Hope this helps

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    The Cheesey way to do it...

    There's a simple cheesey way to do this. Import the video into flash as a movieclip/graphic. In the movieclip/graphic add another layer, and turn it into a mask layer. Add X blank keyframes for X frames of the video. In each blank keyframe, draw a mask that covers the character in the film. When you put the movieclip/graohic on the stage and test the movie, it should only show the character, and not the green background in the film. On the stage, simply add a layer underneath the layer w/ the movieclip/ grphc and add the bkgd of your choice. And there u have it (again, looks kinda cheesy though)

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    Generally this is done by keying in After Effects and then exporting it with an alpha channel.

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