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Thread: What Program can edit videos to make part of them transparent?

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    What Program can edit videos to make part of them transparent?


    I'm looking to take a simple video clip of something, and then I want to delete the area around the object, what program can do this / what do I have to do to get this effect?


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    will i ever get it?
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    could you just set the alpha of the mc with the video object to less?

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    If the object has a chroma-keyed background, After Effects Pro has a plug-in that will key out the background. If the background is not chroma-keyed, then it's rotoscope city for you. Once again you would use After Effects to build a mask around your subject and keep adjusting it for each movement..time consuming?..yes...tedious?...you bet. There is an unlikely third alternative. If the background is absolutely static and only the subject is moving(camera must be absolutely still) there is another "keying" type operation you can do to eliminate matching pixels from frame to frame. But this doesn't work very well on digital video, since there is always too much noise. To tell the truth, even digital video chroma key is a little tricky, due to noise.
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