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Thread: _visibility and gotoAndPlay

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    _visibility and gotoAndPlay

    I have:
    frame1[key frame]--->frame4 : intro_btn._visible = true;
    frame5[key frame]---> fram30: intro_btn._visible = false;

    My simple question is: why when the timeline runs by itself, my button visibility changes ok, but if I use gotoAndPlay(6), my button visibility is still "true," instead of "false."

    I know f6 is not a key frame, but on the timeline, the actionscript goes from 1-4, and 5-30, so the actions should be effective for all those frames? Am I right?

    What else should I do in order to use gotoAndPlay(6) as above besides turning 6 into a keyframe?

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    You are skipping frame 5, so no actions on frame 5 are played.

    You could use an onEnterFrame function to constantly check the location of the playhead and set the visibility accordingly..

    on the time line where the intro_btn is placed:
    onEnterFrame = function(){
    	if (this._currentframe <5){
    		intro_btn._visible = true;
    	} else {
    		intro_btn._visible = false;

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