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Thread: Questionaire for you guys :)

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    Questionaire for you guys :)

    I doing my dissertation based on Macromedia Flash at university here in the UK and theres a couple of questionaires which i would like you guys to answer. The more people the better and i would appreciate it if you could help me out

    Question one:
    What is your opinion on Splash or intro pages?
    a) Waste of time
    b) OK if short enough
    c) Either way not fussed
    d) Good depending on content
    e) I find them a necessity

    extra comments:..................................

    How long would you allow users to wait for a website to load, before they leave (either with dial-up or broadband)?
    a) 5 seconds
    b) 10 seconds
    c) 15 seconds
    d) 20 seconds
    e) 25 seconds

    extra comments:..................................

    I'm sure i will have more to come but for now if you could answer a, b, c, d or e to the two questions and add any extra comments if you wish.

    Thank you for your help.
    Sam T

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    Question One
    a) Waste of time

    I don't think I've sat through a full flash intro since 1999.

    Question Two
    a) 5 seconds

    Jakob Nielsen had gotten the user attention span pin-pointed to about two seconds. If it takes more than two seconds to load, then most users start to forget why they even clicked a link. If it takes ten seconds, then you've lost pretty much everyone.

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    check here for good stuff by Nielson


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