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Thread: Question for the Freelancers

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    Question for the Freelancers

    I have a question for you guys.

    Do any of you guys ever submit your portfolio to larger design companies, who in turn place your portfolio work on their site and use it to find you jobs? Are there a lot of these companies out there? - Companies basically run by strictly business oriented people rather than designers?

    I know there are large staffing agencies around who do this, but I'm talking more smaller firms who basically spend money on advertising and marketing their services, and then gather a team of designers who aren't employees, but work on a freelance/contract basis only. So, you would submit your portfolio to them, and they would feature your work on their site (along with other designers) The key is they do not link back to you...if a client goes to their site and likes your work, they contact the company, who bills them say $100 per hour, you do the work, and you bill the company say $75 per hour.

    So that's the key question, depending on the quality of the company, would you submit your portfolio to them and allow them to put it on their site without anything linking back to your contact info, the benefit to you being that you gain more jobs from their marketing/advertising resources?

    Hope this makes sense. Any information on this subject would be helpful.

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    tell me, is this sellable..... OddDog's Avatar
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    only of you KNOW that this is a reliable company. Ask to talk to other designers that they work with ..

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    It isn't much different that what I do. I have several web companies that I freelance for. They get hired to do the work, I get sub contracted to make the project. They get a "finders fee" and I get whatever $$$ I asked for. They keep the project and I get no credit. Seems like that is the business we are in.

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    It would 'bug' me to have my work on a companies web site (brandishing it like its their own..etc..etc..) I mean whats to stop a user from liking somethign YOU made on in the 'companies' portfolio..contacting the company...and them calling their 'favored' designer (who works cheaper than you) to do the job?

    You 'work/portfolio' is getting them clients..with NO guarantee that YOU'LL ever get a gig doing anything.

    Work that I had done WHILE working for this company is an enitrely different matter.

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    In my personal stubborn opinion I tell companies like the one you mention to 'get lost'. If someone else sees value in your work then it should be of a good enough standard to sell itself.

    If you start off living in someone else's pocket i think there is the danger of becoming reliant on them. If you want to work like this then i'd suggest that you contact large Marketing agencies like JWT who often use freelancers for their Digital work e.g. 2Advanced, Fantasy Interactive


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