Been trying to figure this out for a bit now.. With no luck.

I recently modified a Emailer I found online from a Tutorial which works just fine and seemed to be one of the simplest I've found..

Example -

Basically I was wondering if it was possible for me to get the Combo Box working with it instead of have whoever wants send the Email, type it in every time. The Orignal Just uses Input Text Fields with a Var = to ... So I was thinking I might be able to change the combobox variable = to.. But Its not working.. Or I'm not trying the right thing. Which is probably the case cause I just recently learned how to mess with Components and I've only done very basic Actionscripting..

I've decent with Animations though :P ( Made with 3dsm.. I don't have Swift3dMax plug .. So I did it manually) - Intro I did for a Game called Darkfall..

I attached the FLa and Php script for the Emailer.. Any help would be great

Thank you