This is what I need to do:

The User goes though a presentation, at the start of this presentation I need to set a varible (set var == default). At the end of the presentation a group of buttons will appear. Clicking button1 for example will take the user to the correct scene.

This is were I am getting lost:

At the start of this new scene it should check for the varible. If it var == default I want nothing to happen (the first time the user runs though this scene the var should be default). After this new presentation, the same buttons appear exept when clickedbutton1 will now reset var to notdefault (for example) and go back to frame 1 of this scene. Frame 1 of the same scene will check for var, if var == default nothing will happen, but if var == notdefault I need a Graphic Symbol or MovieClip to be visible, then fade out to a 20% alpha.

If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I know I can easily do this by jumping to diffrent frames and not setting a varible but that would take a lot more work.

Thank You!

A.J. Greenlee