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Thread: making menu like those ads above html

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    making menu like those ads above html

    ok so i have an idea to try to make a menu for a site using layers like those ads everybody has on their sites. problem is i dont know how to make those ads and dont know much about how its done. my idea is to have the flash content of the menu hidden on the side just having a button to bring out the menu into view. i know how to do this with a full flash site, but how do i move the swf menu out over the html when needed and have html present all other time? and also any ideas on how to control the html from the swf menu? wouldnt be good to have the page switch on the press of a menu item because then the menu would be restarted, so i was thinking of using frames. but will the frame containing the swf menu be able to come over a frame that is not its menu frame? kinda stumped on this one. any ideas?

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    Hi, you would want to start your search by looking up using the z-index and layering your flash content over the HTML page.

    quick example:

    <div style="position:absolute;left:xxxpx;top:xxxpx; z-index: 1;">
    <!-- .......flash code goes here.......... -->

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