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Thread: [MX] Schoolproject Help

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    if you want to click a symbol, and make a copy of it to drag I would use:

    depthVar = 0;
    ball.onPress = function() {
    newBall = attachMovie("ball", "ballCopy", depthVar);
    newBall._x = ball._x;
    newBall._y = ball._y;
    newBall.onPress = function() {
    newBall.onRelease = function() {
    ball.onReleaseOutside = function() {

    the symbol clicked("ball") has to be given an instance name of ball, and ball has to be given a name for linkage("ball"), by right clicking it in the library and clicking linkage - export for actionscript.

    if you have any problems, or if you want to know how to go about with the grid, ring my bell! good luck

    I uploaded a little file, with a grid... very plain stuff
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    microsoft has good technologies

    I think microsoft will improve their products as time goes...

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    @ Tempesta: That file in your zip is looking pretty empty - completely empty to be exact ...perhaps you could send it as .fla 'cos it sounds exactly like the thing we're looking for.

    Also, we wondered how we can link this:

    ball.onPress = function(){
    temp._yscale += 50
    temp._xscale += 50

    to the script posted by Tempesta.


    The BrandNewSchool team

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    Never mind the yscale stuff we were a little hasty with asking stuff we could figure out ourselves - we got it to work.

    Edit: we would have editted the previous post but that stupid EDIT button took way too long to load.

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    Sorry for the bumpety bumping...but we're still in the dark as to how to get a grid for the objects to "click" to working.

    Any help would be really appreciated.

    (Ramana from)the BrandNewSchool team

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