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Thread: Feedback on the splash page!!

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    Feedback on the splash page!!

    Okay, I know it's not a whole website bbut i'm really taking my time with this . If anyone could give me feedback on the splash page that would be great.Click here to see it

    And please be easy on it, I'm a beginner. If anyone has any suggestions for the actual site i'm all ears.

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    looks really good, id have it without the roll over, maybe use the first part for a preloader and then once its 100% then play that animation.

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    I think it loos really cool! The only thing I'd suggest is maybe making the transition a bit smaller on the rollover. At the moment, the 2nd moving logo just appears out of no where, but they both slide back into place on rollout. Change the rollover to be more smooth and it'll be awesome!

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