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Thread: Need help with little form... please

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    Need help with little form... please (SOLVED)

    Hello my forum friends !

    I am attaching this screenshot because I am not sure if I can explain it properly... I need to create a simple form with 3 INPUT text fields (only numbers will go inside, not letters nor any other symbols... web site visitors needs to enter these values) and 6 DYNAMIC text fields that needs to update when CALCULATE button is pressed.

    Formulas for each field are inside this screenshot.

    Since I am not good with ActionScript, I would greatly appreciate if someone can help me with this. Please, do not waste your precious time if you don't have any free time, but only if you really have nothing else to do right now.

    I don't think this should be too difficult for someone who is already AS savy, but for me doing it in Flash, it's like rocket science... I was always more of a graphic designer, lol...

    Thanks in advance to everyone who can help !
    Best Regards


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