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this aint yet a concept,- to many factors missing

- what does a review consists of? (how many screenshots their size, how does the rating works, ...
- how are games compared (e.g categories, ranks,...)
- copyright: are some games only linked externally, info on the author,...

also the design(s) are to much apple aqua/ eye candy trend genre- designs like those are to common nowadays (usually white gradient to fake carbon/ plastic effect).
Have you thought about if your design is usefull when you have more than 100 reviews to visiualize it rather looks like a recently added section - but I would rethink that part if it had to be the front page.
Check this link for some inspiration:
I have made a review template so that the reviewers will be able to see what they are rating, this is not final, but it will give you a good idea what I want:


Graphics - /10
Game Play - /10
Menus - /10
Difficulty/Length - /10
Controls - /10

Total (average) - /10


Graphics - Describe the quality of the graphics, and the style, and how functional the are.

Game play - Describe how the game play works and how good and fun it is. Also tell if it is a storyline game, or a game that you just beat.

Menus - Describe how long the game takes to load, and the functionality of menus and preloaders.

Difficulty - Describe how easy or hard the game is. and how many minutes/hours it takes to complete (if completable).

Controls - Write exactly how the game works, and if the controls work well.

Overall - What did you think of the game as a whole, compared to other flash games, what kind of game was it the most like? What kind of people would like this type of game?


At least 200 words. Reviews should have correct grammar and spelling as much as possible.


There will be about 3 - 5 screen shots on each game. Not to many. they will probably be about 300x300. I will not actually make most of the games playable ON the site, but I will provide links, and download links to games that allow it. I am also planning on making a section that flash designer can submit their own game for review, and they will have to say if it is licensed or not.

If you have anymore questions, I am happy to answer them.