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    Flash Wiki - http://flashwiki.net/

    jmtb02 from Newgrounds posted this (the AS:Main it's referring to is a topic which is constanly updated with links to all the tutorials people have posted on Newgrounds):

    It's time to build a Flash Resource from the ground up. Flash content is constantly growing and consistently changing, with the change from Actionscript 2.0 to 3.0, new games and animation trends, techniques, styles, and everything else that is in constant evolution in Flash. This dynamic system calls for a dynamic source, that everyone can edit and contribute to.

    Flashwiki.net is born, out of the idea that a central Flash resource and spotlight can be built by the users who need them. Both developers and enthusiasts can find information that might be helpful to them, such as where to find games, what games there are, how to start Flash, where to get Flash, help with Actionscript on both a beginner and expert level, and so on. Here is an example article.

    What is It?

    Built off of the original idea of AS:Main, Flashwiki allows for anyone to help contribute articles that can be relinked to from Newgrounds or other sites. Problem with the current AS:Main is the inability to constantly update and maintain all the documents found there, which is just a massive library of documents. Denvish did an amazing job maintaining the AS:Main for it's size and amount of authors, and put hours into that system. But now we have a totally automated system for organization, categorizing, and building up just a huge knowledge database. It eliminates any sort of issues caused by posts not being able to be edited. Also it expands the scope to include other areas of Flash, including Flash drawing and animation techniques.

    As you create documents, you can tag them so that they get put into categories, like "Learning Flash" articles.

    Flashwiki is also a place where developers can showcase their work, other's work, and themselves. The wiki structure allows for the site to be built by anyone, and does not require administrative approval to post work. This is incredibly useful, so we can start getting resources up.

    The site is being built now, so that we have content in place, and we can start getting ready for craziness that is about to ensue for Flash 8 > 9 AS 2 > 3 Conversion.

    What Can I Do
    If you already have a tutorial or some other project you have created from AS:Main, you can easily start building a page now and just copy over the content. Or, you can start just building some of your own help documents.

    So lets get this thing rolling. http://www.flashwiki.net/ View the help page if you have any questions.
    Maybe we should add a bit to it? After all, the FKers have a lot to contribute. Just wish I had the time to do a few myself (probably will in a few weeks, we'll see).
    You know you want to.

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    aren´t there already some flash and game wiki´s? (i´m almost certain that I´ve already seen 2 or 3 of those)
    What I dont like about most of them- to less media. Flash is a multimedia format and the use of images for example is a rarity (nature of the wiki system).
    Therefore I prefer websites wich are specialized in this,- Flashkit for example has a system for uploading Movies,- or previewing sounds. Actionscript.org has nice way of organizing code.
    For example the games listed there only have names and a category,- but most people dont recognize a game (if they search for one) by it´s name. Thumbnails or other methods would help here.
    As for the documentation: I wouldn´t use it because I have macromedia liveDocs or Colin Moock books and those are by far one of the best documentations I´ve ever read for a complex application such as flash.

    all in all I dont like it very much and that´s also because WIki sites lately show more and more their odds (vandalism, mass knowledge (wich doesn´t always need to be the right choise),..)
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    Wiki's are a great commodity.Speaking from the experience of a guy who's written a few tutorials, I do actually prefer the ability to update my stuff whenever the mood takes me. I sometimes read through the fighting game tutorials on gotoandplay, and though I've noticed errors on there, they've never bothered to use the updates I've sent them. That bugs me. It's great to offer writers the ability to update their stuff with a simple log-in. That for me, will always be the advantage of having wikis over standard html tutorials.

    It's horrible that any guy who comes along can screw with your writing though. What they really need is to set up a trusted panel of authors with the ability to lock certain articles, or allow for commenting alone, a bit like Strilles super-tile tutorial. The fundamental tutorial is there, but people have also contributed their ideas too, which is quintessentially what a wiki should be all about.

    I'll probably contribute regardless, and see what happens. I like it so far, there's some excellent tutorials in there already. I've got a lot of faith in this wiki to grow into something.

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    Saying that I just tried to add a tutorial and found it near impossible. Their documentation is bloody useless.

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