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Thread: [F8] Wheres the best place to sell games?

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    [F8] Wheres the best place to sell games?

    Hi guys,

    When you make a game, just for fun, and it wasnt for any real purpose, how do you go about selling them?

    I've made a new game, it wasnt freelance, i just made it for my website, but i dont have much money, so thought i'd sell this one.

    The last game i made i put it on newgrounds, and it did good, the game has been played over 600,000 times (accordding to mochibot), and its now on 600 other sites -- which im happy with, i didnt really get me many backlinks though, just the odd click through the game every so often.

    So this time, i didnt know if i should do the same again, or sell it to someone. but who? how?

    --- Also, if you do sell it, do i lose all proff that i made it? or can i keep my name on it and use it in my portfollio?

    Cheers for any help guys.


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    umm start up a web site then submit good games to nw grounds and put a link from your game to ur site so you get people from newgrounds looking at your site then people might want to buy them.

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    what xareox said is no good suggestion imho. To my experience the more a game is spread around the less likely it is that it can be licensed to paying sites for a propper licence fee.
    Therefore submitting your game to a site where it will probably be grabbed by others in an instant and then spread around the net does not raise your chances in getting money with propper licensing fees for the game.
    If you want to make money by licensing the game to one or more game portals i suggest putting it up in a hidden area in your portfolio site;if you can/have the time to also create a special page highlighting the USPs of the game and then send that link to trusty game portals to arrange a licence fee/see if they are interested.

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    If the game is good quality or just really fun I usually put up money for it. I pay a one-time fee, slap my logo on it and that's it. A bit more to get it to work with my hiscore server. Just fish around and someone will get interested, of course it depends on how good the game is

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    Thanks for the answers guys.

    tomsamson, when you say trusted games portals, who do you recommend? The one i looked at "wxw.usuallygames.com" (who sent me a link though newgrounds), wants you to upload the swf file, which im not too sure about, as that basicly means they have the game and its impossible to get back.

    Who would you submit a new game to, who only requeuest a link to see the game?

    Thanks again for the help.

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