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Thread: Preloader for FLV

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    Preloader for FLV


    I have an .flv file inside the FLVPlayback Component. It has no skin.
    My flv file is sitting on the second frame of my timeline.

    On the first frame i have my preloader but it's not working properly. When i test my movie, it loads to about 97% before the preloader appears. Then it only appears for like half a second then my flv starts.

    I suspect that the preloader isn't preloading the .flv. The preloader itself is about 32kb in size.

    I tried looking in the Flash Help under Preloading FLV files but i dont quite understand how that works.

    Can someone please help me out here.


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    Because FLV is streaming files, so it is unable to make a preloader, only flash(swf) could get a preloader.

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    there is a way

    You can preload FLV files if they are external. Do a search for preload flv in the flash help files. One of the search results with be "Preloading FLV files", it's a short easy tutorial on how to do it. I have a project where I implemented this and found it to work out quite nicely. Hope this helps!

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