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Thread: Scrolling movieclip/background

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    Scrolling movieclip/background

    Right well I've done a lot of searching and only found things like scrolling around an image, putting scroll bars in for websites, and things of that nature. I also found the spaceship tut where the ground scrolls (which is what I'm looking for), but thats dependant on the spaceship moving, and I couldnt manage to just always make it scroll

    Basically, I have a movieclip of clouds, away from the edge, and exactly the width of my scene. I want them to continuosly scroll/loop from left to right.

    Any ideas?

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    Just do what they do in the ship tutorial (assuming I am thinking of the one you're thinking of.) Make a cloud image, and then paste it around a bunch or w/e you want to do. Copy an entire screen width of it, and then paste it directly to the right of it, making sure that they blend and you can't see and screwed pixels or jumps or things out of ordinary. Then just have it move to the left however much you want at a time. When it's _x is <= -Stage.width, reset the _x to 0. Hope I explained it right.
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    Or if you don't want to use actionscript, than you can always animate the clouds with a motion tween inside your cloud mc. Place the clouds to the right of the screen, and animate it to scroll to the left.Thats it, this animation will loop automatically unless you tell it otherwise (through actionscript).

    However I'm not sure if this will lower the games performance more than the actionscript method (mentioned by ImprisonedPride)
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    Thanks imprisoned but it wasnt working very well so I decided to make a few clouds with motion tweens...I see Viza has just posted that method.

    It seems to run okay, if my games performance is lower at the end of creating my background then I will stop them from animating, or go about it in a different way.

    Thanks guys.

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