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Thread: [F8] Button Level Problems

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    [F8] Button Level Problems

    I've been working on this one for hours...
    When subbuttonmaskX is rolled over a 'thought bubble' pops up. The bubble pops up fine and text is placed into it fine. The problem lies in the fact that its not being placed on the highest level. If i have any other MC's around it (which should be on lower levels as this is called only after everything else has loaded and user rolls over it) those MC's are placed ontop of this bubble/lvl. (those images/MC's are ontop of this movieclip)

    im not sure what im missing.. im creating the MC's using _root, and _root.getNextHighestDepth()
    Any help would be greatly appricated.

    this["subbuttonmask" + a].onRollOver = function () {
    	// and some more drawing code i removed
            // text box
    	_root.theBubbleText.ctext.selectable = false;
    	_root.theBubbleText.ctext.htmlText = true;
    	_root.theBubbleText.ctext.multiline = true;
    	_root.theBubbleText.ctext.wordWrap = true;
    	_root.theBubbleText.ctext.text = result_lv["child" + mouseovernum];

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    worked on it most of the night and still couldnt figure it out - any help would be appriciated

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