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Thread: Make page ads refresh on Flash click events

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    Buck Fush
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    Make page ads refresh on Flash click events

    I have a page with a fairly detailed Flash app embedded. There are also 3 ad units on this page. I'd like to setup the swf to force the three ad units to refresh when a user navigates through to a new section of the flash app. I assumed I'd need to setup iframes around the adds, then call some js function from Flash which performs a document.location action on the iframes, and it seems to be working in Firefox, but not IE. Has anyone needed to do something similar and maybe offer some insight? Or a better less hacky solution?
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    no need to use javascript..

    just add a name attribute to your iFrame and target that with your actionscript buttons.

    <iFrame src="advertCell_1.html" width="468px" height="60px" name="advertCell_1" frameborder="0"></iFrame>
    on(release) {
    		getURL("advertCell_1.html", "advertCell_1", "POST");
    been a while since I used anything like this so unsure of any security issues it might kick up...
    and in a blink of an eye...
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