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Thread: Loading MCs from Library into Empty MC

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    Loading MCs from Library into Empty MC

    Hi all,

    I have inherited a file from the previous designer that has alot of separate movie clips that are targeted from a main navigation(buttons) list.

    Is there a way to load the movie clips from the library (i.e. not have them on stage) into an empty "container" movie clip when a user selects its button form the main nav list?

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    Yep, your looking for attachMovie(). What you first need to do is put a linkage name on each mc in the library. You do that by right clicking and select linkage. Then in the pop-up choose the first check box, I believe its export to action script. And you can then rename or keep the name in the linkage name textbox. Then from there your code.

    _root.emptyMCName.attachMovie("linkageName", "newName", this.getNextHighestDepth());

    The newName is how you'll refer to the mc now that it's on the stage.

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