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Thread: [RESOLVED] Link to info on complex datatypes please

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    [RESOLVED] Link to info on complex datatypes please

    When you declare a variable using strict datatypes in Actionscript, a dropdown menu appears with a list of them - I want to know more about these datatypes. I've searched google, adobe.com, the flash help files and the forums for some information and I can't seem to find much at all. A lot of websites will mention simple datatypes like string, boolean, integer and number and others will even discuss movieclips and a couple of other types, but I've not managed to find anything on types like 'bind', 'accordian', 'dataglue', 'dataholder' etc.

    If anyone could suggest some alternate search terms or provide a link I would be very grateful.


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    hi Nosta|gia,

    Welcome to FlashKit.

    Notice that they aren't all exactly data types, or at least, not in the sense that String, Number, Boolean, ... are.
    They are all Classes (MovieClip, Button, TextField, TextFormat, ...), and some are even Components (Accordian, BataGrid, ...).

    Obviously, you don't need to know or understand all of them, immediately, especially for the components, unless you do want to use components in your applications.

    The thing is that in ActionScript, when you use strict data typing, you write:

    var myVar:SomeClass;

    If you want to know more details about a particular Class, you can write its name in the Actions Panel, select it or just click it, and hit F1.
    This is also true for components, but there is an entire section dedicated to them in the ActionScript Help files.

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    Well that would certainly explain the lack of search results

    The help files with the program (access using the method you suggested) are doing a good job at explaining things.

    Thanks for your help, nunomira.


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