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Thread: Looking for rock solid menu method.

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    Hey, believe it or not this is my first flash site.


    I ripped off some free source code from the .fla archive and worked on it for about a couple of months till I got this result, I LEARNED flash by reverse engineering the code. I now need serious help with the menu system, I need to find a way to make it so when people roll over the menu it plays and when they roll out it closes. I made the menu as a movie. What would YOU do?

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    j/k very nice site, and from what i saw it seems as though u figured out ur question..... so if not then ask in better detail

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    The way I did the menu though is buggy as hell. Whenever I click a button it closes the menu, and you can slide your mouse off the invisible button really quick and then back and make it so the menu works backwards. I want a sure fire way of making the menu so that if the mouse is on it, it stays open no matter what, and when the mouse is off it, it stays closed no matter what. Clicking on the menu a couple of times will show you that it is not implemented in a professional way.

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