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Thread: Flashkit Reviews & Content Viewing

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    Flashkit Reviews & Content Viewing

    Just an fyi,

    URL: http://board.flashkit.com/board/reviews/checkreview.php

    Warning: fopen(error.log) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /reviews/checkreview.php on line 79

    Whenever clicking rate/review button on movie/loops pages.

    Also your ads seem to constantly push you center column out of viewing so the user must scroll 3 page lengths down to view the content. Bad, very bad.

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    Thanks Rykor, we're aware of it but its on the long list of things to do. It's easier to leave the buttons in place until we can get to fixing this. It happened with the last vBulletin update and hasnt worked since.

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    IS there a way for me to see what ebveryone has been saying about me? :P

    Hi Guys,

    I just emailed flash kit about this... I guess they can ignore the email then.

    IS there a way for me to see what ebveryone has been saying about me? :P
    I can login.. but I dont know where to go to read my comments..


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    Hi russlaw, you can either search your name in all forums to see if anyone has mentioned your name AND you can click on your name to the left of any thread that you posted or go into your user cp and click on "Find more posts by russlaw".

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    Hello! I'm a beginner in ActionScript.
    So is there still no solution? Do you think it's going to be long to resolve the problem? Why is it so difficult to make this work again?
    I'm so eager to post a comment because there's something I don't understand in "Mouse Avoid"...

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    We'll have it resolved soon but in the meantime, you can try emailing the person who submitted the resource. The contact info should be associated to the person who submitted the resource.

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