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Thread: Really simple script doesnt work :S

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    Really simple script doesnt work :S

    Im trying to + a number into a dyn. textbox....


    myVar += 1;

    But that or non of the other methods i have tried works :S

    Anyone got an idea?

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    Assuming you mean that you have a text box on the stage set to dynamic and you gave it an instance of myVar...
    A dynamic text box is an object with text as an attribute. That attribute is a string. So you may have the number in the box but it is actually a string.

    So you change the value of the text with
    myVar.text = "whatever";
    therefore if you are using the box to show a number, you need to convert the string value of the number to a number before you can increment it.
    // they are shorter ways to write this but for simplicity sake...
    currentNum = Number(myVar.text);
    nextNum = currentNum + 1;
    myVar.text = nextNum;
    Hooe that helps
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    myVar = 0;
    onEnterFrame = function(){
    myVar += 1;
    dynTextBox_txt.text = myVar;

    Don't forget to give the text box the instance name: dynTextBox_txt

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