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Thread: Sound Objects

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    Sound Objects

    The sound element property, position, can be used to get the position of the track or song playing. But how would I set the position of the song/track? Would I just set this property to something or what? How can I accomplish this? It's been done before in flash, can 3dfa just not do it or something?

    Thanks for reading my post. All help is appreciated.

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    Well, it should be this easy:

    But at least in my case it starts it in preview always from 0, no matter what and music.position just shows random number from about 0-9999 ?!?!

    Then in Flash player music.position seem to work ok but I cant get my Button to work to test music.start(123),.. wtf..

    edit; It works ok in flash player when using button to call function to set things happen:

    function setMusicPosition(n){
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    Thanks man. The position property works fine for me.

    Good luck with the button thing though. I'm new

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