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Thread: flying text

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    flying text

    I'm am tring to animate white text that will fly into the forground from white wind, it would then post correctly on the page for a few seconds, then peel off , and fly off into white wind again.
    What is the best way to create something like that?

    Thank You.


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    Well, you can't animate the text itself. It will look like it is, but when you test it, it won't be animated. You should embed the font first, then convert the text box to a movie clip, then animate the clip.

    For the peel off, your probably going to have to use frame by frame animation. So that means a text box in a movie clip, then put the movie clip inside another movie clip so you can build the tweens and frame by frame in that mc timeline, then put the parent clip on your root timeline in a layer of it's own.

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