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Thread: Java script for flash 8 and dreamweaver 8

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    Java script for flash 8 and dreamweaver 8

    I had created a website using flash 2004 mx and dreamweaver 2004 mx. Site worked fine. When I upgraded to studio 8 and posted the site, I couldn't see any of my flash files. Macromedia informed me there was a fix with the flash 8 player and that I needed to add this line to every dreamweaver page with flash in it:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JavaScript>

    function openNewWindow(URLtoOpen, windowName, windowFeatures) {

    newWindow=window.open(URLtoOpen, windowName, windowFeatures);



    However, they didn't specify where it goes in the html code. I'm pretty much of a novice in html.
    Can anyone tell me where to insert this on each page?
    Also, does this script have to be in ALL new dreamweaver8 pages I create that contain flash or just the ones that I originally created in 2004 MX?

    Thank you.

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    The JS you posted, other than beeing poorly formatted, is totally useless in your case.
    That script just opens a new window (a Pop-Up), when the openNewWindow() function is called.

    It is also useless, as you can see, because there is a built-in method that is exactly the same...

    Anyway you should post a link to one of your site pages so it can be looked at.
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