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Thread: HELP!! Pinball game

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    HELP!! Pinball game

    Can anyone help me make a pinball game? I need help making a ball bounce and come off objects at the correct angle.

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    That is one really big project. I suggest using a pre-built physics engine.
    Flade is probbably the only one you can use since most are in AS 3.0.
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    for the hittest detection in a ball
    you must
    ps. the point in the ball must be in the center

    detect=(floor.hittest(ball._x+ball.width*0.5,ball. _y,true))||(floor.hittest(ball._x-ball.width*0.5,ball._y,true))||(floor.hittest(ball ._y+ball.height*0.5,ball._x,true))||(floor.hittest (ball._y-ball.height*0.5,ball._x,true))

    //invert speeds of the ball
    of course floor is the object

    ps- don`t forget the ball always goes down

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    What if the floor is angled and the ball falls onto it it shouldnt bounce back up it should bounce the angle oppisit of the angle between its motion and the tangent of the surface

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