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Thread: can't get variable to display right

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    can't get variable to display right

    This is probably a pretty simple problem, but i'm stuck. I need to get the profile_id variable in the below code...

    MyVars = new LoadVars ();
    MyVars.onLoad = function () {
    	//save profile_id to pass to uploader
    	_root.profile_id= MyVars.profile_id;
    	//save songs for this user
       songsArray = serial.unserialize(this.initSongsPHP);
    	len = songsArray.length;
      for(var i=0; i<len; i++){
       songDisplay.text += songsArray[i] + "\n";
    MyVars.load ('php_scripts/flash_interact.php?action=initialize');
    To display later in on in the actionscript here, added to the scriptLocation string here:

    var scriptLocation:String = 'php_scripts/flash_interact.php?action=add&profile_id' + _root.profile_id;
    the profile_id variable doesn't seem to make it to the URL variable here. Through debugging I know that the profile_id variable gets set in the first chunk of code.

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    This line is wrong:
    _root.profile_id= MyVars.profile_id;

    Since that line is inside the onLoad function, your scope is relative to MyVars. There is no MyVars inside of MyVars. You could have verified this by immediatly following that line with trace(_root.profile_id); You saw the variable in debugging but it likely had undefined as it's value.

    Again, since you are trying to retrieve values from inside MyVars, you can just say this. Elsewhere in the code you would have to refer to MyVars directly.

    _root.profile_id= MyVars.profile_id;
    _root.profile_id= this.profile_id;

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