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Thread: Photoshop CS2 and how to regain RAM when files are closed (winXP)

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    Photoshop CS2 and how to regain RAM when files are closed (winXP)

    I've been running into a problem recently. While working in Photoshop CS2 after a significant period of time I would attempt to "SAVE" the file I was working on and get a message saying I didn't have enough RAM available to execute the request.

    I'm working on a Windows System (XP SP2) with more than 2GB of RAM. I've messed with my Preferences trying a number of different Cache Levels (now set to 5). I'm calling for about 55% of my resources at just under a Gig. When I open my task manager and watch how Photoshop handles memory, I've noticed that when files are closed it DOES NOT release the RAM acquired to handle the image. Photoshop continues to eat up resources until it reaches it's specified limit (indicated in the preference settings) and then will not execute actions like "Save" or running "Filters".

    If I Purge all my Histories and the Clipboard I see no gain in resources. I'm forced to close the app and restart. What a Pain.

    I have Googled this issue but have not found a resolution.

    Would anyone have advice on how to force PShop to give up the Resources it takes on to handle an image once that image is not longer open?


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    Photoshop CS3 (beta right now) improved amzingly in this field. Starting PS now takes only a few seconds also hickups as they occour frequently with CS2 (in cs less) also because of VersionCue are as good as gone.
    So my tip would be to install the beta (beta but stable like a final release) with your CS2 key and try it again. Also if you dont really use versionCue disable it

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Being that this version of Photoshop I'm refering to is on my Work Machine where I have to operate within Company guidlines, the download of CS3 Beta is not a viable option.

    I do not experience this on my home machine though I am still working with CS.

    I'm just curious if anyone has found a way to get around this issue?

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    Have you tried any third-party memory management programs?

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    Hi, How big are the actual files...

    dimensions mm X mm x dpi ?

    I've done loads of big stuff over the years, either in sections, or 50% max size (for screen print, or large format print) not had a loss of ram for mb 5 years.


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    RUSHVision, I have not attempted to install a third-party memory management app. Something I hadn't thought of. I will see if this is a possibility in my situation - not having full admin rights on the machine I'm working on sucks.

    Black_phoenix, I'm opening docs that are on average 11MB in size. These are generally web page mock-ups that can often have over 50 layers. They're almost always set to 72ppi at dimensions of 1280px x 1150px (not big when compared to docs intended for press). For example, when I open a doc at 11.5MB in size, PShop grabs aprox. 452,548k, not too bad. But if I close the doc and open a new doc at 20MB, the app does not relinquish the initial resources leaving me at 623,280k of memory occupied by the application. This continues until the application reacheas the max limit allowable set in my preferances.

    This does not occur on my machine at home though I’m still using CS.

    I’m a bit confused.

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    that´s very strange,- because 1st usually only macintosh computers in the past aborted working in Photoshop as soon as you dont have enough ram but that´s why they included HD swapping (windows always had).
    I have only 1 GB RAM but I can work with 2GB photoshop files (8k+ resolution) at least- and that´s because my HD has enough freespace to swap. So did you checked your swap Disks in the photoshop preferences?

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    renderhjs - ya know what...I think I know what the cause of this is. I've recently been moved to a new facility and am on a new network. All of my drives have been remapped. I am guessing that this might be the root of my troubles.

    I'll let you know.


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