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Thread: sequential image loading via +i

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    sequential image loading via +i

    Flash 8, actionscript 2.

    for (var i = 0; i<squarecount; i++) {
    		var ico = timeline.attachMovie(iconlinkage, "ico_"+i, i);
    		var img = timeline.iconLinkage.createEmptyMovieClip ("container"+i);

    I would like to load images into submovie clips of the movie clip iconlinkage. iconlinkage is replicated with other code a number of times so i want to load a different image into a submovie clip (container) rather than iconlinkage as the image would be replicated too.

    I have tried to amend the code (admitely swiped from somewhere else) using +i which is already sucessfully used to replicate iconlinkage in my additions to try and dynamically create sequentially numbered submovieclips in which to load my images. Ideally I would like the correct code to load sequentially numbered jpegs too so I don't have to repeat a load of code over and over with 1 number changed.

    Please guys,
    any thoughts?

    Thanks very much in advance,
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