Dear Font Gurus

I've been trying to resolve this on my own, with help files and with google for a while now but I think I need to branch out and seek some help from you guys.

I am updating a flash 5 movie from someone else but I'm having issues with one font type. The same movie with the same font type worked fine on another machine in a previous flash version. I'm opening it in flash 8 and exporting it as flash7.

- The font appears in the font list in flash with the name: "FC-FranklinGothic-Mdm"
- When I highlight a text and switch to this font the text disappears
- When I export the flash movie containing this font I get the following warning:
"Some characters could not be converted to outlines becaue an appropriate font outline is not available..."
- The same font works fine in photoshop and in illustrator
- The font does not appear in my Font book Application. (Is it in there possibly under a differnt name?
- I've located the font in my user>libarary>fonts folder. I'm dragging it into the font book application but it still doesn't appear.
- The font is a "PostScript Type I outline Font"

Any help or insight is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your time.