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Thread: Video and alpha

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    Video and alpha

    Hi guys.

    I'm new to using video with flash.

    Is it possible to change the alpha setting of a flash video?

    Ideally I would like to create a 'screen' (as in photoshop - white elements shown, black transparent). Is this possible at all ???

    Check out
    if you would like to see the kind of video i'll be working with (may take a moment to load)

    Thanks for your time!


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    I'm not sure if there is a way to acheive that effect. If you embed a video into a movie clip, then you can play with the movie clip's color settings and blend settings in the properties panel, there are options such as brightness, tint, alpha, and advanced settings plus others in the blends settings. But I'm not sure if these are what you're looking for or not. Just a thought. Good luck.
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    On2 VP6 format (in Flash 8) will encode Alpha data... if you have a video that already has alpha data... if you grab a copy of Sony Vegas (although I'm sure other software will do it) it has some effects like Chroma Key so you can cut out certain colours to Alpha, and then choose an output format that supports alpha when you render... I think to do that will involve a certain AVI format...press the buttons and I'm sure you'll figure it out....

    But... what I think you want to make is a mask (that photoshop thingy). Flash masking is a bit funny with pictures... I think it has to be all in vector shapes, so a video would not work... I think...

    However, if you are using Flash 8, there are blending modes (like the darken/lighten/multiply on the layers in photoshop), I'd play with that... if you can figure out the right combination of layers in photoshop with the right blends there without using masking, and then use that in Flash with the video?

    Fingers crossed!

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